Materials Research Society Spring Meeting in Phoenix, AZ

2016-03-31 (4).pngith spring and fall meetings dating back to their beginnings in 1973, the Materials Research Society decided to move from their home in San Francisco to the Valley of the Sun for its 2016 Spring Meeting. According to MRS, Phoenix will allow the flexibility to allow growth and enhance the experience, and so it did.

2016-03-31 (3).png

“MRS is a growing, vibrant member-driven organization of over 16,000 materials research from academia, industry and government, and is a recognized leader in the advancement of interdisciplinary materials research,” said the MRS website. “MRS membership now spans over 80 countries.”

With a membership base that spans over 80 countries, I had the opportunity to attend the MRS Spring Meeting on the third day of the five day long convention and interact in an environment where collaborations were made and ideas come to life. Scientists with more than 40 different symposiums covered topics ranging from sustainability in producing plastics from vegetable oil rather than petroleum, to bio-inspired electronics that would regenerate neuron of the peripheral nervous system.

2016-03-31 (1).png

2016-03-31 (2).png

Nicole Darnall, a professional of management and public policy at Arizona State University, discussed her research in a 30-minute talk regarding the inclusion of sustainability in everyday products. “Consumers are persuaded by price and that’s ridiculous,” said Darnall. She described the need to encourage firms to produce more sustainable products for consumers through scientists’ innovation. “Sustainability is not a trend, but a cultural shift.”

Without a doubt, the people that attended the events are passionate about science, sustainability, and advancing the global quality of life.

*Search the hashtag #s16mrs on Twitter to find other tweets and information regarding the Spring Materials Research Society Meeting or check out my Storify.



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