Vegan In the Valley

“I think there’s this common misconception that milk alternatives are the fake stuff,” said Brooke Jamison, Nami Vegan Sweets employee. “It’s cool to open peoples eyes to alternatives and let them know that its not fake, its plant based [and] it’s more natural than anything.”

With the vegan community on the rise within the Valley of the Sun, four Arizona State University students decided to take a (healthy) bite into this lifestyle.

“I am a vegan for the animals and the planet,” Jamison began. “It’s a matter of compassion for me and treating everything equally weather its human or not.” Explaining what Nami and Green do for the community in offering 100 percent vegan and vegetarian options in both menus proved to be a big deal.

“It is a process, and it doesn’t happen overnight.”

With special treats made with unrefined, unbleached organic ingredients and hand packed burgers cooked to order and served on a freshly toasted bun, green is simple, fresh and good.

“Vegan food doesn’t have to be a scary thing.”

Jamison shared her favorite pastry from the infinite choices of coffee, cakes, ice cream and breakfast options offered at Nami: a gluten free chocolate chip cookie with whip on top. She explains how letting the whip sit on the cookie for a couple of minutes changes the dynamic and becomes a “whole new experience.”

All organically soy based cupcakes, cheesecakes and even soft serve ice cream (known as tSoynami) give you super powers and are available at Nami Vegan Sweets.


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